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What's B&B's #1 Priority?    "Striving for excellence"  





The fab production floor is a busy, well-oiled machine from end-to-end. As teammates, raw materials, finished units, & forklifts move from each department, B&B's Main Shop in Grand Saline, TX, sounds like an orchestra.


So, what do y'all get when a good ol' boy from East TX, who's widely recognized & respected for his 25+ years in the metal & glass fab industry, joins forces with his oil rig tough, Roughnecking son to pursue a shared passion?


Although your guesses may have been close...

The answer isn't just a 'job', 'paycheck', or 'headache'.


When we come to work, we get fired up--extra thankful that we aren't stuck inside a skyscraper or endless traffic to/from . Our family-owned & operated shop sits out in "the country" amongst a wooded pine grove, while the family's adjacent farm acreage is home to a healthy herd of grazing livestock.


B&B does things differently on purpose, which is part of the "formula" that contributes to our continued success. After all, why be like every other company, when it's clear from B&B's extensive client list + portfolio that WE are the best at what WE do in the state of Texas? That's what we thought, too.


Despite the fact that we're smaller in staff numbers than most, we boast super-sized smarts & the strength to persevere & navigate obstacles... all while promoting a solid company culture that celebrates & develops our unique span of employee talent, career experiences & technical abilities.


B&B Custom Fabrications is it's own 'community'.


One day, you have a neat, unnamed, little backyard fab shop that's working quite nicely. Then, suddenly, the 3 or 4-man operation oasis catapults into a full-fledged company, doubling the size of staff almost overnight.


From then on, the father & son dynamic duo have never looked back.


Contact Information:

Main Shop: 

915 VZ County Road 1818

Grand Saline, TX 75140


Main Office & Mailing:

9429 Shearer St.

Rowlett, TX 75088


For Questions:


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